Saturday 10 March Island Harbour to Southampton

With the house set up for rental commencing next weekend, and a mixture of sadness at leaving yet excitement at the prospect of the journey ahead, we departed the island on the 1630 ferry.  From here on it was a night or two here and there for a week and a half.

 First stop was to drop in and see David and his children.  Deep concentration was going on as David was playing chess against his friends daughters (aged 3,4 and 5 I think), watched intently by Kiera and Harley (or were they watching a video on the box across the room?  Who knows?)

 We then went on round to Hannah and Tim where we were joined by Sarah and Tom for dinner.   Main course was Barbara’s delightful venison stew, which she prepared on the island and brought over, along with the makings for rum fudge pie.  That,plus cheesecake and cream?   Food coma ensued.

We left our heavily loaded car in the garage at H&T’s and walked back to stay overnight with S&T, just up the road.



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