Saturday 17 March Dunkirk to Auxonne to Sirod

Those of you who know the area also know that the distances from Dunkirk and Calais to the start of the main highway south are the same, so we opted for the earlier Dover-Dunkirk, which left at 2215 (GMT) and had us ashore and rolling by 0130 French time. Such an advantage in time had us back onboard Wight Mistress in Auxonne by 0930 even after stopping for a nap a couple of times through the night.

For the Google Earthers, the address here is:

Port Royal, Auxonne. The nearest thing Doris can find to where the port actually is: Rue du Jeu de’Larc: 47.19746N 5.38473E
If you Google Search Port Royal, H2O Auxonne their website shows you the H2O ports in the area, of which Port Royal, Auxonne is one.

When you look on Google Earth you will find a car park and a small wood. This wood was cut down and then the whole thing dug out to form a small harbour. I think GE needs updating.

Wight Mistress was in good shape on our arrival and we busied ourselves with unloading, stowing and a bit of cleaning, before having a well-earned shower and then heading off again to Sirod to stay with Steve and Yvette and deliver the groceries. Arrived Sirod around 1500, well in time to be ready to unload and walk down to ‘le grange’ the local pub, to watch France play Wales in the rugby. Wales won, but it was a hard fought game. We then watched the England-Ireland game, where England won convincingly.
Wandered back to S&Y for a pizza nightcap and a well-earned nights kip. Steve retired hurt with headache – well, we HAD been up since early the day before, driven hundreds of miles and not slept much. That, coupled with a bit too much fizzy beer, made for a requirement to sleep.


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