Sunday 11 March Southampton to Fair Oak and back

Over to Tony and Carly for a few hours to see them, and Harrison and Little Max. Max is just about walking everywhere now and climbing everything. They are lovely little boys and we adore them. Little Kiera wasn’t there this day as she was visiting her other grandmother; pity we missed her. Poor Carly had a nasty headache and Tony was getting over a cold. Lets hope for better health in their home.

Next stop was with Sarah and Tom, where we had a fabulous gammon dinner with them, joined by Hannah and Tim. This gammon had been soaked in fresh water to remove the majority of the saltiness, then boiled in Coca-Cola and then roast with a Morella cherry glaze. This, coupled with roast potatoes and baked vegetables, was followed up with left over cheesecake and rum fudge pie.

A slightly raucous evening then ensued where we played with the X Box and Kinect (?), which involved a lot of jumping around – after a big meal? Actually it was great fun and good exercise. A lovely evening!


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