Thursday 22 March Port la Nouvelle

It rained on and off all day. Not deterred by this your intrepid travellers donned coats and jumpers and trainers and took off for a short walk. What a walk that was: we decided to visit a small island called Ile de Sainte Lucie, which is a nature reserve not too far away. Undaunted by thoughts of distance we set off from our apartement and headed for the canal de Robine
(1km) then walked along the canal to the first lock (3km) where we had to cross the canal to enter the nature reserve. At this point we met up with Pamela and Ian, onboard their 30 ft Cornish Pilot Cutter ‘Essie May’, from Poole, who were alongside and waiting to lock through.Sadly the lock had no electricity so the eclusier came along in his van with a ‘Harry the Honda’ and had them locked through in quick time.

'Essie May manoeuvring into the lock

Pamela and Ian have been cruising in the Med and are just starting their return leg through the Canal du Midi, coast hopping along the Bay of Biscay and then through the Brittany canals to the English Channel.




None of this would be available to us as Wight Mistress is too deep draughted. Sounds like fun though. Anyway, off we went around Ile de Ste Lucie on a short (4km) circuit. We took a diversion (1 km out and 1 km back), rejoining the circuit and returning to the ecluse. We then did the return leg (3k plus 1km back via the boulangerie. Total walked today? 14 kilometres!!!!!!!

We saw flamingoes, a deer and an enormous wild boar, all roaming free in this little wildland. The boar looked more like a bison, with huge shoulders. At a range of about 20 yards, this thing looked like its shoulders were about the same height as Steves. It took one look at Steve, holding the camera, grunted, and took off like a rocket, fortunately, away from us. No pictures sadly.
We arrived back at l’apartement some hours later, full of aches and pains and about to be full of baguette and fromage and vin.


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