Tuesday 20 March Sirod to Port la Nouvelle

It was time to say ‘au revoir’ to Steve and Yvette and head on again. This time we were heading further south. Readers of last year’s epic will remember Joanna and John, who we met at Cusey, on the Canal Entre Champagne et Bourgogne. They had experienced a problem with their engine overheating, which Steve fixed using the compressor and some tools. We met up with them again at Auxonne, where they kindly offered us use of their guest apartment in Port la Nouvelle, on the Mediterranean coast.

We departed Sirod at 0930 and headed south. A wise soul would just take the peage (toll highway) all the way from the closest point of departure to the closest point of destination. Not us! We did the scenic route down to Lyon. Sadly, while the scenic route was lovely and well worth the trip, Doris – our GPS machine – then had difficulty keeping us away from Lyon. Lyon is a traffic nightmare at the best of times; Doris skillfully navigated us through the slowest and busiest bits. Strangely enough, she managed to take us to the start of the peage, which seems to begin at the confluence of a whole bunch of backstreets; one minute you are in heavy traffic behind 47 taxis and a post van, then all of a sudden you are on a highway. Too much; time for a stop and a strong coffee. Did that, and then headed south with much haste, leaving the coffee stop at around noon and arriving in Port la Nouvelle supermarket for supplies at 1700 and parking outside Joanna and John’s house at 1744. Another long day.

Our home for the next few days

We were shown in to our apartment, which they had built over their garage to the rear of the property. It is lovely; quiet and clean and spacious. We are here for about a week.

Joanna said to us that if we were to visit, she would do the first meal and after that we are on our own ☺ (logistically that is.) We sat down to a really lovely meal of spinach and beef cannelloni followed by cherries and kirsch on ice cream. Bed is lovely and comfy and a good nights sleep ensued.

Port la Nouvelle is a small town on the Mediterranean coast.

For the Google Earthers, Joanna and John’s house address  is:

54 Rue de la Liberte, 11210 Port-la-Nouvelle (GPS 43.02030 North 3.04530E.)
Actually the apartment we are in is at the end of their garden, over the garage, with it’s entrance on the next street,  the address is 53 rue de la paix.
It is near the town of Narbonne and within a short car-ride to the Carcasonne. We will be here for about a week or so before heading back to Auxonne, via a night at Sirod with Steve and Yvette.

the main living room, spacious


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