Tuesday 27 March  Narbonne


Tuesday 27 March Narbonne

Ba didn’t sleep too well last night; no idea why but suffice it to say that today was a little bit of a slower start. We actually got out and underway this afternoon at around 1400, motoring up to Narbonne (in the car.)
Guided by Joanna’s local knowledge and ‘Doris’ we found the free parking next to the Canal de la Robine and wandered along the canal into town.

Le Pont des Marchands (I think) over the canal de la Robine,

Such a lovely walk into the town.
Narbonne is a lovely place and, as our friend Denise described it, quirky.



We had a look around the outside of the cathedral…..


and the back streets, then settled down………….

L'hotel de Ville

outside a bar in the Place de l’hotel de ville and had a Pelforth and an ice cream, (the beer was while we were waiting for the ice cream machine to chill down – someone had switched it off or something.) That, plus a pain au raisin for him and a brioche au chocolat for her and we bimbled back along the canal bank and drove back, via Bage, a quaint little town on a rocky outcrop over the big etang, and back to Port la Nouvelle.
All in all a gentle day and well worth the visit to Narbonne. Needless to say, 26 degrees and brilliant sunshine. I have just realized we don’t know the French word for ‘clouds’; how strange.

La Place d'hotel de Ville

In the centre of the square is a section of old Roman road which has been uncovered and presented quite nicely for all to see:

Old Roman Road

After a quick stop to top up with fuel we decided to head back via a little village on a rocky outcrop over the etang,  called Bage.

Our friend Joanna described it as beautiful and well worth a look,  so off we went…….

Bage from a distance










We then headed back via Peyriac,  where there is a wooden walkway or ‘passarelle’  over the salt flats.










Then home for tea and baguette!


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