Thursday 7 June 2012 St Leger de Dheune

Started off rainy this morning but we thought ‘to heck with that’,  got the bikes ashore and took off on a 4 hour cycle ride.  We climbed 900 feet up off the canal level and found a Neolithic settlement in the middle of nowhere.  Bit of a walk as well but it was really worth it.

Beautiful view from the Neolithic site on the top of a very high hill.









We then coasted all the way back down to canal level and cycled along the tow path back to St Leger. We covered around 25 kilometres, then stopped for a ‘demi’.

Beer after bike ride – a winning combination



We managed to get back to the boat and stow the bikes just before an enormous black cloud system let loose on us.   Rain,  hail,  strong winds and very dark for a while.  Lightning all around us (at a bit of a distance, but very entertaining.)   All of a sudden,  sun came out, wind stopped and life went on as if nothing had happened.



L’Orage on the canal


Next thing,  a huge barge caused a bit of excitement,  or at least it would have done had the skipper not been very good.  Fortunately, as with most peniches,  the professional skippers are adept at parking something the size of a frigate in a space the size of a mini.  This chap had to turn his barge around in a space approximately 1 – 2 metres longer than he was.  The method?   Stick your bow into the bank and the helm hard over, then drive ahead.   Takes a little while but round she came.   A work of art!!  The barge alongside ‘s crew were very interested in this manoeuvre, as you , dear reader,  can imagine.

Big barge making his turn.








We are here for a second night and will be heading off in the morning.

Overnight  St Leger de Dheune 46 50.718N    004 37.968E



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2 responses to “Thursday 7 June 2012 St Leger de Dheune

  1. Lesley

    It is so lovely to see you looking totally relaxed and enjoying life……keep doing it!!! love you so much, Lella

  2. Domi

    Je vous ai rencontré au Bar-Restaurant “Le Manoir” à St Julien sur Dheune.
    Très heureux d’avoir pu consulter votre blog fort intéressant.
    Une vie à bord comme beaucoup aimeraient la vivre.
    Bonne continuation.
    A bientôt peut-être…

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