Monday 11 June 2012 Blanzy. Found WIFI

Sunday 10 June 2012  St Julien sur le Dheune to Montchanin

Hoorah, we have reached the peak of this canal.  Now, apart from a short climb  (upscalators)  over a hill a bit further on,  it is all ‘downscalators’ all the way to Paris.    In French parlance  when one is climbing to a summit one is voyaging  ‘montant’  and when when is descending from the summit one is voyaging  ‘avalant’.  We have been montant since joining this canal at its junction with the Saone,  and we  had climbed to a height of 1026 ft on arrival at Montchanin.    Parked at a funny angle due to the shallowness at the side,  it made us look like we were in one of those angled parking slots you find outside the shops.  Trusty boarding ladder flipped to the fore here.  Travelled in company with Ladimar.

Overnight Montchanin    46 44.122N  004 28.741E

Saturday 9 June 2012 St Julien sur le Dheune (second night here)

Barbara had a major scubfest on the upper deck in the sunshine and had a session on the wood on the port side as well.  Steve was not feeling too good and spent some time tidying up the wiring in the wheelhouse and making the chart table a bit more shipshape.  We like to do a bit of something each day or so to keep Wight Mistress looking neat.

We promised the lady running the auberge just across the bridge that we would come and have a meal with her, especially as we ran out of cash, owing her one Euro for last nights carafe of rose.   Wandered over there for lunch and we were not disappointed at all.  It was un repas magnifique.    Steve had goats cheese and tomato salad followed by faux filet de boeuf (sirloin) and crème brulee,  while Barbara started with sardines as a starter, followed by filet de porc and finished up with an amazing chocolate dessert. AND we paid our owed one euro too

What a surprise!  This afternoon, another Fisher arrived.   ‘Ladimar’  a Fisher 30 with blue hull and owned by Brendan Ginn.  Brendan had been living aboard in Majorca for 5 years and working as an engineer on super yachts.   It was time for him to move on, so he is taking Ladimar back to UK  to try something different.

Overnight St Julien sur le Dheune    46 46.457N  004 32.626E

Friday 8 June 2012   St Leger sur le Dheune to St Julien sur le Dheune

Found a lovely halte by a bridge at St Julien.  Trouble was that the sign said there was only 1 metre of water.   Fortunately for us there was a VNF man there and on asking him, he told us the sign was not right any more as they had ‘done some work’ at this halt.   We moored alongside without any problems.   Quiet late lunch and then went across to a little auberge, just across the bridge, for a carafe of wine and a chat with the locals.   Quel embarrassent,  we were one euro short for l’addition,  so we promised faithfully to come back and eat there tomorrow.  The lady was really nice about it and said it didn’t matter.  So we have decided to eat there tomorrow anyway.

Wandered off for a walk along the canal path to check out the next few locks and chat with les pecheurs.    Back onboard for a quick scrabble fest and bed.

Overnight St Julien sur le Dheune   Position 46 46.457N  004 32.626E


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