Tuesday 26 June 2012 – Decize.

Happy 12th Birthday to our lovely grandson Harley, we love you to pieces.

Harley, our lovely eldest grandson

Dad, Grandad and Baby Robyn. Congratulations to you

In addition,  CONGRATULATIONS to Rob and Jenny Smyth on the birth of their second daughter Robyn Penelope Smyth born today at 03:06 and weighing in at 8lb 14oz.

Woke up to an overcast day.  Slow start.   Managed to get this internet connection so we were able to do all the things needed.     This afternoon we wandered off into the town of Decize, which is nestled between the Loire,  the Old Loire,  the Aron,  the Canal Lateral a la Loire and the Canal du Nivernais.    An awful lot of water surrounds this old town.    The banks of the Loire have been built up here as the Loire, in full tilt, comes up over 6.5 metres,  hence why the town is built on a hill above this level.  Known as ‘le junction’ , the port of Decize is  a fairly new marina built on a small ‘cross canal’ between the Canal Lateral a la Loire and the part of the Loire that connects to the Canal du Nivernais.   We would have liked to explore the Nivernais but sadly it is far too shallow for Wight Mistress.  We believe that we can dip our toes into the Yon as far as Auxerre, which is at the other end of the Nivernais but the Navigator will need to confirm this.

Decided to stay another day here.   Spent the early part of the afternoon taking photos of Billow for Robert and Judith.  They are back in England at the moment, sorting stuff out;  they have decided that they would like a different boat to continue their adventure in the waterways,  so Billow is up for sale.  We are going to try to make use of this connection and upload some photographs for you.

Overnight Decize     46 49.328N  003 27.365E


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