Thursday 28 June 2012 – Decize

It is 5 years since we lost our nephew Chris – so tragic. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole family on this day,  especially to Louise,   Samantha and of course my lovely sister Lesley.

Decided to stay again today.  It is very hot and sticky but we have pressed on with bits and pieces of maintenance, fuelling etc.  So far, Wight Mistress is using 1.3 litres of diesel an hour, using the engine hours as the reference.  Included in that 1.3 litres an hour is our diesel hob as well,  so the engine is using even less than that.  We estimated about half a gallon  (2.25 litres – ish) an hour so we are thrilled at the frugality of this Lombardini engine/Newage Gearbox/Bruntons Autoprop combination.   Stopped working outside through the middle of the day as it is a bit too hot.   33.5 degrees in the shade of the wheel house.

Overnight Decize     46 49.328N  003 27.365E

 Wednesday 27 June 2012 – Decize

Decided to stay another day, as we had some maintenance and stuff to take care of.     Out came Wandah the Washing Machine, who proved that she could actually take on the largest bits of laundry – the duvet cover and the bimini (one at a time of course) and not only could she wash them but she could spin dry them as well.  Clever Wandah.   When we went to get groceries from Intermarche,  Ba noticed that to do all the laundry in their launderette would have set us back a cool  30 euros,  so Wandah is earning her keep on a regular basis.   In the afternoon we  took our bikes off for a ride to see the barrage over the Loire.   As we departed, Tony,  the owner of a Dutch steel cruiser  ‘Dream Flower,  took an interest in our ‘velo electriques’ so we chatted for a little while.   Tony is from Norfolk and Elaine is from South Africa.  They have been cruising the waterways for 7 years and when they go home, it is to South Africa.  What a cosmopolitan lot we are.  There are many couples,  mainly ‘baby-boomers’  who have escaped the rat race and are living a relatively simple life here in the Voies Navigables de France.

We cycled along the banks of the Loire until we found the barrage.  It is situated across from the turning in to the Canal du Nivernais. On the lower, dry side were a few trickly streams with salmon  in about 2 inches of water,  all trying frantically to get upstream and all unaware that it would take an extra couple of metres on the Loire to let them do it.  Behind them were a handful  of dead salmon who had run out of …..everything.  We sat at a shady picnic table and refreshed ourselves with our drinks,  then cycled over the bridge to have a look at the other side.   Such a lovely, sunny day.

Cycled back and Ba put on her pretty pink dress to cool off.  Wandered off to the bar only to find that mercredi est le jour de fermeture,  so we wandered back to the boat,  to be invited onboard Dream Flower,  where we pitched up with a bottle of wine and we chatted until it got dark.

Overnight Decize     46 49.328N  003 27.365E


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