Decided to stay here another week

Saturday 30 June 2012 – Decize

Happy Birthday to our nephew Peter,  28 today  and also Happy Birthday to our friend Emma Simpson who is ?? today.

Slow-ish day today.  The sun broke through the clouds at around 1100.   Ba noticed that the lock that exits the marina out on to the Loire had its light off, preventing operation and letting boats through.  Not too surprising as this weekend on the river is a regatta, with teams from all over the French speaking world attending.  Tomorrow we will take the bikes and trailer, loaded with BBQ stuff and go sit on the bank of the Loire and enjoy the activities.    For today, we are just a little weary from yesterdays run out, so Ba swiftly prepared a turkey roast for dinner and then sanded and varnished the cockpit table, while Steve dug out the little grey loudspeakers that were donated to us from Hannah and Tim during the construction of airing cupboards and lounge storage.     They are now working excellently as speakers for our little flat screen TV.   The built in ones (each the size of a matchbox) gave up the ghost a while back and provided quite a fuzzy soundtrack to anything we tried to watch.    That,  plus a dash to the Intermarche and back before l’orage  starts just about completes today.

Friday 29 June 2012 – Decize

Decided to stay here for another week and do some maintenance and explore a bit more.   Decize is a pretty little town and now we have found the office du tourisme, we have discovered that there is a wealth of lovely stuff to go and see.   The town of Decize has a one-way system that was designed by a spaghetti manufacturer, but going the wrong way up streets on a bicycle doesn’t seem to be that heinous a crime,  so we were ok.   We cycled over all the bridges to the Nivernais side .   Right at the beginning of the Canal du Nivernais is a ruined lock and the museum that describes the barrage and also

Ba at the ‘Origine du Nivernais


L’Orogine du Nivernais

the ‘tour’,  a single hulled chain dragger (a bit like half an East Cowes Chain Bridge)  which was used to tow barges from the Canal Lateral a la Loire,  across the Loire and into the Nivernais.   At times the Loire could be really vicious, throwing torrents down.






Le Touer – a chain dragger used to tow Peniches across the Loire





Since the commercial peniches have pretty much given up on using the Nivernais,  the requirement for this tow boat diminished and, like so many things in this world, it is now the subject of a preservation society and a museum.   Cycled back to our favourite bar/brasserie in the town, watched the world go by and then repaired back to the port.

Overnight Decize     46 49.328N  003 27.365E


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