Sunday 1 July 2012 – Decize

Had a bit of a tidy up this morning and chatted with some of the other ‘Baby Boomers’ who are on a similar journey. Landed the bikes and trailer and took off for a place called La Machine. It is a mining town about 12 km from here by cycling along the tow path of the Canal du Nivernais and then up through the woods. Absolutely fascinating museum of mining (coal) followed by a trip into the entrance gallery of the old mine and some re-constructed deep galleries, albeit only 5 metres down. Did you know that the last horse to work in a French mine came out in 1969.

So that’s how they got the horses down the mine!

Any ideas what this means?

Actually it is one of these, although how one uses it, who knows?

The mine closed in 1974. And I thought submarine life was a bit yukky, I take my hat off to the miners!!!

Cycled gently back along the chemin vert to a little picnic spot in the woods, where we had BBQ’d chicken wings and then steak and salad.

Dinner is served Madam

About flipping time too!

Finished off the evening with a beer in the local hostelry at the end of the marina and back onboard via a chat with Tony and Elaine on ‘DreamFlower’.



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2 responses to “Sunday 1 July 2012 – Decize

  1. Big Steve

    It says it is a device for ‘speaking’ the level of a slope, and goes on to describe it using a marbel and string setup. I guess ‘speaking’ means indicates in this case and utilises pendulums?

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