Saturday Evening – at le Restaurant du Port and an orage’y night

This evening we had a table reserved at ‘le Restaurant du Port’, the local bar/restaurant here on the edge of the marina.   After an industrious day it was pleasant to ‘scrub up’ and go ashore.   Ba wore one of her really pretty strappy pink dresses and a new necklace, which she had just finished,  matching the frock perfectly (of course).  She looked lovely.

New necklace to go with pretty frock

The people who run le Restaurant are very pleasant and speak virtually no English at all, which is great for us as we want to practice our French.   Having drank here a number of times, it was only this evening that we realized what a good restaurant it is as well.   The food was lovely, the service excellent and the prices were fair,  with an interesting selection of  prix fixe and a la carte menus.  Sharing a similar type of location to our ‘Breeze’ in Island Harbour,  le Restaurant du Port is a shining example of how good service  and quality food at the right price can make such a place successful. They were turning people away all evening because they were fully booked, so it was an unwitting stroke of genius that we reserved our table 24 hours in advance.  Feeling quite replete, we strolled back to Wight Mistress in the evening sun to attempt to watch a movie.  Food coma stopped play.

Woken in middle of night to another ‘orage’ ,  dashed around WM shutting hatches and scuttles and doors etc to keep the wet stuff out of the people tank.   Took a while to get back to sleep;  les  orages are quite noisy but the sound and light show that went with it was very entertaining – even though closed eyes and from under a pillow.



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2 responses to “Saturday Evening – at le Restaurant du Port and an orage’y night

  1. derek and sue

    lovely to meet yous we had a wonderful time and people like you help make it even more fandabbydozy love derek and sue xxx

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