19 August, still playing catch up. I promise some pictures soon – honest.

Sunday 19 August 2012 – Paris Arsenal

Today at the Bastille is a market, so we wandered along for a look and bought some bijoux for Ba and a couple of shirts and some shorts for Steve.   Hot or what?!?!?!?    Sat at a bar overlooking the Bastille and people-watched over a cup of ‘creme‘    (the way you ask for a decent cup of coffee in Paris)  before sauntering back in a round about way to Wight Mistress.    Met up with Nick and Eunice and their daughter Susan onboard a Beneteau ‘Merry Fisher’ 27, moored a few berths down.  Nick and Eunice owned a Fisher 30 for 10 years until health issues convinced them to change boats.   Nick and Susan came aboard for a look around this afternoon and, like just about everyone who does this,  they fell in love with Wight Mistress 🙂

Overnight Paris Arsenal

Saturday 18 August 2012 – Soisy sur Seine to Paris Arsenal

Happy Birthday to Matt and to Amy  have a great day xxx.  Matt, we did call to wish you a happy birthday but could not raise you.

Left  Soisy sur Seine this morning in the bright sunshine and did the last three locks on the Seine before the junction with the Marne on the right hand side.  Arrived at Paris Arsenal Marina (4 km further down the Seine) at about 1500.  Blisteringly hot and sunny.

Still in company with Bob and Martha Ciupa on D W CROW,  they celebrated 6000 nautical miles of travel, getting from their home in Niagara, Canada,  all the way to Paris.   Great opportunity to share a bottle of Mercia champage with them and compare it with the Cremant de Bourgogne – both lovely and not a lot of difference between them.   Congratulations Bob and Martha.

Overnight Paris Arsenal

Friday 17 August 2012 – Chantrette to Soisy sur Seine

Pretty and quiet little marina,  almost sad to depart but we have decided to press on and get to Paris.    Did a few hours in the heat and arrived at Soisy, just above another of the big Seine locks,  late ish afternoon and chilled out for the night.


Overnight Soisy sur Seine

Thursday 16 August 2012 – St Mammes to Chantrette

Dashed off to the shops this morning to get groceries.   Our friends Tony and Barbara arrived alongside this morning to get groceries and take on fresh water.   Their boat,  Gertrande,  had a starter motor problem which Steve helped diagnose a few weeks back. All sorted now.   We learned of their problems on the Canal du Bourgogne with the shallows and the sloped locks, and Ba was really not keen to do this bit.   Tony also provided us with the charts we need to get to Strasbourg. So, armed with the appropriate information we have now decided to give it a try.  Instead of heading east on slipping,  we are heading west toward Paris, where we can then branch back out onto the Marne and head east.

Overnight Chantrette

Wednesday 15 August 2012 – St Mammes

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter Sarah, we love you to pieces

Tuesday 14 August 2012 – St Mammes

I will fill in some stuff here when I can get the Mac,  the logbook and the internet connection all in one place (dooohhhh!!!)

Overnight St Mamme  48 23.319N  002 8 380E


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