Playing Catch up again

Monday 13 August 2012 – St Mamme

Helped Bob remove the shaft to his hydrovane steering  – damaged by a collision with a harbour wall in Barcelona.  The shaft was bent and the mounting plate damaged, so all had to come off for repair.  Managed to get all 2 dozen securing screws out of the transom and into the bucket without losing any.  Result!!!

Plan for this afternoon is to cycle into Moret and take some more photo’s.  It is a pretty town and well worth the visit.

Overnight St Mamme  48 23.319N  002 8 380E

Sunday 12 August 2012 – St Mamme

Happy Birthday to Plum – our lovely Mum – 86 today

Sunshine again.   We teamed up with Bob and Martha on ‘DW CROW’ and cycled into the station at Moret to catch the train to Fontainebleu and visit the palace there.   Quite an impressive chateau (although for a philistine such as Steve,  ‘you seen one, you seen ‘em all’.)   Worth the visit if you haven’t seen a large chateau before.   All the kings and Napoleon lived there at some stage and there was even a room prepared for Marie Antoinette, although it is said she never actually stayed there.      Found a pleasant brasserie just down the road and had plat du jour, prior to catching the bus and train back to Moret and cycling back to St Mamme.   On arriving back we were treated to a local group doing water jousting.  Lots of fun, watching two small punt-like boats with a platform on the stern for the jouster.  The boats motor gently towards each other and one of the jousters gets to shove the other in the water with his long pole with what looks like a flattened tennis ball on the end.  Amusing.

Bob and Martha came aboard for supper this evening and we talked until way after dark and the insects, attracted by the cockpit lighting,  convinced us to retire for the night.

Overnight St Mamme  48 23.319N  002 8 380E

Saturday 11 August 2012 – St Mamme

Took the bikes and trailer  along the canal and river banks to Moret sur Loing for a little look around and to find the shops.   Found a Carrefour Market and managed to top up with food etc as this is a holiday weekend.   Path quite stony and gritty so we decided to reduce the risk of punctures and return on the main road.

Small barge moored just along the bank from our halte.  The barge is rigged out as a wine  ‘cave’,  so we had to satisfy our curiosity.   The chap onboard markets wines from the River Yonne area and we were treated to a taste of 3 wines.  Not overly impressed however the red that we tried was worthy of a bottle (and cheap enough)

Overnight St Mamme  48 23.319N  002 8 380E


Friday 10 August 2012 – Nemours to St Mamme (on the Seine)

We came out of the Canal du Loing today and back on to the River Seine,  about 55 km from Paris by road  (100km by river).   The first place we wanted to stop was at Moret sur Loing,  a picturesque little town with a pleasant halt.   We spotted a boat called Alcyon moored alongside with space to raft, so we made a gentle approach, to be waved off by a bloke in a rubber dinghy in the middle of the little harbour.   We though he was the harbour-master but it turned out he owned  Alcyon and didn’t want anyone to raft on him.  Seems he likes to have his little dinghy parked there.   I suggested he put his dinghy on the pontoon and he replied ‘non’.  I asked why and he said ‘because I don’t want to’.   My response,  in a nice loud voice and a little bit of sarcasm was   merci monsieur et bon journee   (thankyou sir and have a nice day.)    His wife appeared on deck and said something to him, whereupon he started waving to us to come back;  too late – we were on our way.    As coincidences have it,  we ended up at St Mamme on the Seine.  The nice lady actually gave us 4 nights for the price of 2 and on Monday,   to mark the end of the Feast of the Annunciation,  there is a huge fireworks display that will happen right across the river from our berth,  so we have grandstand seats.

Had a pleasant stroll along the Seine to look at the Club Nautique, which turned out to be just a club for  boats with no social amenities.  Strolled back in the sunshine.

Overnight St Mamme  48 23.319N  002 8 380E


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