Saturday 1 September 2012 (pinch & punch etc) Vandiere 3 Lock to Reuil

Another epic voyage today, covering 5.8 km and one lock. Arrived at the halte fluviale at Reiul (pronounced Rayer with a rolling R to start) at around 1100 to find plenty of space, water supply and electricity and free too. Bright sunny day, glass rising, wind subsiding and generally very pretty.

We took the advice of the lovely lady in the Office de Tourisme yesterday at Chatillon and contacted a Champagne house here in Reuil called ‘Domaine Bacchus’. We have a ‘rendez-vous’ booked for Monday at 1400 to see their demonstration and maybe a small degustation (tasting.) Based on this we have decided to stay here the weekend, departing on Tuesday.
Nick and Jeannie Chambers arrived about an hour after us on their 17 metre barge ‘Donjeux’ named after a town nearby. The barge was built 10 years or so ago up in Burton on Trent and it seems there is a class of them, the D Class, all names starting with a ‘D’. Nick and Jeannie, from Poole,  also own a motor home and they have expressed much interest in our electric bikes, so Steve furnished them with contact details and Jeannie had a ride around the car park on Barbaras bike.
Cycled off to Port a Binson to find a cash machine. The village of Reuil, like so many villages in France, has no shops or facilities. Sometimes a van comes around in the mornings with bread (depot de pain a camion) so after that it is a bit like England, where you have to drive to a supermarket.
When we arrived back, a wedding that had been conducted in the local church was turned out on the grassy banks of the Marne for photographs. The bride saw our lovely Wight Mistress and wanted to have a photo taken next to her, so we agreed. As with all weddings, the departure for the reception involved much horn blowing from the cars (and Wight Mistress.)
Went aboard Donjeux for apero at 1800 and had a lovely evening with them, chatting about our relative experiences in the waterways..  Very nice people.
Overnight Reuil 49 04.905N 003 47.834E


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