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We are moving

Hi Folks,
As with all new products, there may be teething problems. We would like to say a huge thank you to Trae for setting up our domain for us and offering professional advice on this website thingy. You will see many changes as we move on with this, not least of which will be more photos – we tried to load up the site with 3 large photo albums and after 2 days of trying Steve took the albums off and lo and behold, it loaded in about 15 minutes. Internet connectivity is still a pain in the ……… so we are trying to streamline this as much as we can.
Please take the link exactly as you see it here:
and it should take you there. We will be promulgating the link all over the place in the hope that it will be easy to use.
There may be a few more entries on this site but for the most part, we will be trying to use our own site from now on.
Happy reading
Steve and Barbara


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