About Wight Mistress

Wight Mistress is our beautiful Fisher 34 wheelhouse ketch, which we have owned since 2002.   We have been planning and dreaming about going off cruising and we were going to head off in 2006 when Steve retired from the navy.   Many other adventures came our way,  taking us to Hawaii and off around the world, then on to the Caribbean.

This blog is our effort to catalogue our travels.  Starting on Friday 17 June 2011, we are leaving our berth in Island Harbour and heading to Southampton.  We offered a days sailing as a prize for our daughter Hannah to offer the Red Nose Day at RBS in Southampton.  We meet our guests on Saturday morning and will take them to sea for the day.  After that, we will need to collect some outstanding kit and documents before we can head across the Channel,  but as far as we are concerned we are outa here…………


One response to “About Wight Mistress

  1. Jock Melvin

    Hi Steve,
    Should your plans take you in the direction of the eastern Med, or if you would want any help at the planning stage, get in touch. I have a house in Larnaca and used to keep a boat in St Raphael marina, near Limassol.
    Jock Melvin, F34 Miss Amelia, jock-melvin@msn.com

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